quinta-feira, 11 de julho de 2019

About the girl that dances - Manhã cinzenta, Gray Morning, Olney São Paulo, 1969

The feet of a girl; a mini skirt; she dances, lifts the feet without letting the toes abandoned the ground; it’s very important to stay in touch with the ground, gives perspective; and, in some cases, helps with a jump start. Everything that’s implicit in her figure, in her smart posture, everything that we don’t know about her yet.

She dances in front of a group of people, but they seem distracted. What distract them from the beauty of that young girl that dances so freely in front of them? Don’t worry, it will soon be shown. But before that, let’s stay in company of the young girl dancing, shall we?

Yes, it is a classroom, but nobody in there seems to be the professor. In place of this authority figure, an authority of a very different nature of the ones they are concerned about, the girl dancing. A radio plays rock and roll, the music that bangs in all the walls of the classroom, in all of the ears; but the ears of those students are functioning just like the walls, and repelling the music.

No, no, they are not like the walls. Some feet are moving under the desks. Some hands are tumbling over the books about psychoanalysis. The music makes some effect upon those young people, not enough for them to join the young girl in action. Mini skirt, open blouse, long hair loose, letting the hair join the music, letting the hair come and go. Outside the classroom, order dictates that everything needs to be contained, including the hair; to be brushed, tied down. Why does she need to be so expansive?

Dance is a subtle thing. But sometimes can be the opposite. She dances opening herself for the action, not joining the standing still folk that surrounds her. The song enters her ears and make provocations into her stomach, down her legs, till the tip of her toes; don’t be prostrate, the songs tells her, get up and move!

Something needs to be done, there is nothing to be done, but we done have to stay quietly waiting. So, Grey Morning, the movie we’ve been talking about this week, the movie we’ve been visiting at this piece, opens with the image of a young girl dancing. Conservative people get so angry with the way young people dance! Doesn’t feel so good inside you to make the world shake and abandoned its preconceived ideas that hold us back?

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